VIII- Table of Contents

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Chapter 1.

Unit 1: Playing with Numbers

1.1.2 Numbers in general form

1.1.6 Divisibility tests

Unit 2: Squares, Square roots, Cubes and Cube roots

1.2.2. Perfect Squares

Square root of a perfect square by factorization

1.2.6 Perfect squares near to a given number

1.2.7 Perfect cubes

1.2.8 Cube root

Unit 3: Rational Numbers

Unit 4: Commercial Arithmetic

Unit 5: Statistics


Chapter 2:

Unit 1: Algebraic Expressions

Unit 2: Factorization

Unit 3: Linear Equations in One Variable

Unit 4: Exponents

Unit 5: Introduction to Graphs


Chapter 3:

Unit 1: Axioms, Postulates and Theorems

Unit 2: Theorems on Triangles

Unit 3: Congruency of Triangles

Unit 4: Construction of Triangles

Unit 5: Quadrilaterals


Chapter 4:

Unit 1: Mensuration




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