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How to get good grades!

A person ‘X’ is topper in the class, another person ‘Z’ has scored highest marks in English and some other has occupied their respective grades in one or other subject. At the same time few students are in the ‘border line of passing’ and some more are in average range. In which range are you? Topper? Average? Border line? Below average? Why is that?  Are you happy with your grades? If not, then are you thinking about it…⇓



Answer to all your questions is “INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES”…

No two individuals are same; they differ from each other in some way or the other. Being a student you should try to understand your abilities rather than getting upset or being unhappy with yourself!

It is common to get questions in your mind like WHY ME ALWAYS? WHEN OTHERS CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN ME!

For example, we see people have dark and some are fair complexion, some people are tall and some are short, few are thin and few others are very fat. We also come across people who are very talkative or less talkative, some laugh too much for jokes whereas few others are giving just a smile for the same joke, some are very friendly whereas some others enjoy loneliness.


Except quality of human race or outer look of human being, there are some factors which are differentiating human beings from one another! Those are

(i) intelligence



(iv) Habits.

Individual differences mainly depends on four factors hereditary, environment, age and sex differences. From  the point of view of students, now let us discuss how to get good grades except all above individual differences.

1.Stable mind: 

It is not necessary to get interested in every concept or lesson, you might not understand few concepts, its natural. But should not end learning that concept there itself. You should settle your mind in such a way that, learning your subject must be your first priority. Because some concepts may look pointless while studying in lower classes, but these are the foundations of your future studies.

Besides all these, outing during weekends to peaceful places re-energizes your body and mind, which is more important to concentrate your mind in studies.

2. Stop comparing:

Don’t compare yourself to your classmates, always remember that NO TWO INDIVIDUALS ARE SAME, even identical twins are not the same in nature, emotions, ability, creativity, interest etc.

Rather than comparing yourself to others, you should compare your previous results and try to get good scores in upcoming events. Clearly, you need to concentrate on your progress.

3. Learn more about your favorite subject: 

Focus a little more about your favorite subject and be an expert in that field. It doesn’t mean you can neglect other subjects in which you are less interested. You need to be subjective in studies. Create a study time-table, there you give little more time your favorite subject. This will help you in higher grades, when you have options to choose your major subjects.

4. Divide and Rule:

If you are facing difficulty in remembering mathematics formula, axioms or theorems or any other or facing difficulty in completing mathematics assignment, make your own rule like; collect information about your topic, understand it, then give a small introduction about the topic, then come to main par, at the end don’t forget write the conclusion or real-life implications of mathematical concept. Have breaks between preparing or learning your tough subjects. 😀 come back to books 😀 once you finish your break 😀 😀 Dont forget it!

You can post your assignment topic  and get help from us too… 🙂

5. Motivate yourself:

These days parents and teachers are so supportive towards their kids and their interests. If you are not supported by others don’t be depressed or stressed. We are here for you! 🙂 Every individual is unique in their own way 🙂 Along with this you can also support your friends and get motivated by their ideas too 🙂 Love yourself!

At the end, one top secrete to share with you 😉 Even i was feeling social science as useless pointless subject 😀 but in real it’s not!  It’s totally common for all the students to not able to understand the real life implications of subjects which we study in school. Changing your view and attitude  towards your subject the basic need 🙂 Love yourself you will be self motivated automatically 🙂 Compete with yourself and get good grade than your previous one.






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