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Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??

A child is born illiterate but its education which makes him/her human being! Education is a process of humanizing. A big concept it is! It is not only imparted in an educational institution but education is the sum of total life experience.

In formal meaning of education it is linked with SCHOOLING! Main process of education will be fulfilled by school/college or any other education institution. At the end of an academic year or at the end of a particular course of education, after passing the examination, one will be considered as a GRADUATE! Clearly, Difference between education and graduation!

So, education is a bridge between man and human being! Education at schools/ universities helps in preparing oneself to get a good job which is the need of life, which will give a standard living.

During schooling, what are the main concepts comes in one’s life?

  • Dealing with attendance
  • class notes
  • homework
  • laboratory works [record writing, observations, submission of records on date etc]
  • assignments
  • studies
  • exams
  • parental pressure
  • and love life!

These all together becomes an unsolved problem for students. Actually period of teenage brings rapid changes in individuals physical, mental, moral, spiritual, sexual and social outlook.


We have discussed ,much about academic progress in How to get good grades! & The process you need to follow to learn & make adjustment to learn. As we mentioned above,the problems of dealing with attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies and exams can be solved according to How to get good grades! and Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering the concepts which is studied earlier! [click on the links for more]

What is remaining now? LOVE LIFE! A biggest confusion! LOVE or EDUCATION! Is it necessary to choose one among these? Can we live by choosing any one of these? Are you stable in life to get in to these? It is here where parental pressure starts! Parents start worrying about children future and it is totally acceptable.They have the right to worry for you, if not who will worry and pressurize for your goodness!

What is love? In teenage due to rapid development in his/her physic, one will feel like becoming independent, hatred feeling towards those who advice them, feeling guilty or shame for little things, not able to distinguish the real life concepts! It is a period where a child moves from later childhood to adulthood.  Period of maturation! So, it is common to get attracted towards opposite sex, DO YOU THINK THIS IS CALLED LOVE? NO! You are absolutely not!

Love is a strong feeling of affection. If you are also feeling same then, let us go little more deeper!  You may ask like is it enough if we choose only one among love and education! No! Both love and education/carrier are equally important in life! From an idealistic point of view it shouldn’t be a choice.It’s two sides of the same coin. But being a student/teenager is it right time to fall for someone? You may ask as “do you think love happens at the right stage of life?” This is also right!

Yes!There’s no age for love. No right time. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to and you’re supposed to continue living your life the same way. It’s all about finding the right balance. You need to be sure about your feeling, words and life decisions. Love is also important thing in life. But unfortunately one cannot live on love and fresh air. We need basic things to live and that’s where education/schooling/career takes first place than LOVE!

Be practical! Choose yourself! Love yourself! Your education/career is very precious and valuable. Your career is the one that will feed you. Dont be hasty in making decisions. Love can never feed you, forever. If you believe your partner is good/perfect for you, you have long way to go, frankly and honestly, make your life stable, unless don’t fall for someone.

As a teenager you have lot more to enjoy your life than falling in LOVE! Yo!  Love yourself and love your life. I guess looking after better career opportunities would be a better option.  Be practical!
Best luck!

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