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It happened so subtly I almost did not see it coming. I found myself pathetically failing and repeating a class for a whole new year while my friends and colleagues were being promoted to the next.
I was in SS2( Senior Secondary School 2) aiming to be in SS3 when it happened, when I had the hardest crash of my life. Maybe painting a clear picture of my dilemma might interest you.
I attended a High School here in Nigeria where classes JSS1-SS2 wore Khaki shorts while SS3 only wore a nice pair of pants. Apparently, my colleagues would be rocking new pants while I would be dragging my sorry self around the school in Khaki.
Indeed, you might not feel it, but it was a big blow!

There was someone in my new class who was going to make situations even worse-or so I thought; Paul, my junior who now become my mate just like every of my immediate juniors. But, what his case different was that he lived terribly close to my house and would never forget to cheerfully say, ‘Good morning senior’ as he passes by my house. I wondered if that would continue.

I suggested-out of swelling shame-to my mum not to go back to school but sit at he and prepare for my final exams. She would not hear one word of it, and so I found myself in my new class.
At first, I was all torn-up and pained but realized that the right time and opportunity to stare failure in the face and say, ‘Go to hell!’ wad now. That was when the battle-line between I and the cause of my downfall(mathematics) was drawn.

I did two things then that transformed my academic life sporadically.
1. I started from the scratch of scratch. I came to the realization that the reason why students are tempted to tear their hair when it comes to mathematics is because they fail to start their journey from the position of “two hands and one knee on the ground.”

It is impossible to solve most question in mathematics without a background in Indices. Also very impossible is it to conquer QUADRATIC EQUATION without grounding in BASICS OF ALGEBRA. The list goes on. Dwelling on this  knowledge, I started consuming maths.

2. Constant study. This may seem too obvious and one might say it’s a path already trodden without success, but a secret lies here. Scholars complain of constantly studying just to beat a subject/course but after taking the first step I outlined above, this phase would be much more fun and easier. As a shoe which was originally uncomfortable fits your foot overtime so does constant study makes you a prolific pro.
It might interest you to know that the young boy who failed and had to repeat eventually paved his way up to the top of the class and was later made the Ass. Senior Prefect.

One last thought;He who succeeds without challenges gains victory but he who succeeds amongst challenges makes history!-Author Unknown.

I know this is a start of something wonderful. Till next time.
Yours always,
Victor .E
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