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Better Focusing/Results of Meditation

What is better focusing? How can we focus better in the things we want in reality? When we were in under graduation classes, other than optional subjects and languages, it was compulsory to participate in one or other extra-curricular/co-curricular activities. That was toughest task for me to choose one among big list of activities, instead choosing in which I’m interested I chose which looked easy at first sight! 😀 😀 That was drawing and painting.  I felt like what is there to do in drawing and painting classes 😀 sitting under that roof 😀 peacefully and drawing what I want 😀 😀 But no!! We had to draw what drawing-teacher tells us to draw!! yuh! hectic! Once he drew “a tiger”, scary! I started drawing my tiger and ended up with BILLY 😛

There I realized! Better result is only from better focusing! Not from choosing what looks easy, easy is in which we are interested! Then, however I convinced my lecturers and chose my extra-curricular/co-curricular activity as “YOGA AND MEDITATION”, which was my real interest! Actually, we were asked to attend yoga and meditation class for 2 hours, whereas drawing and painting was only for one hour. But right selection of my choice never bored me. It was truly awesome experience. First one hour we were taught meditation and then yoga poses for one more hour!

This yoga and meditation class bought much changes in us. In three years of participation in Yoga and mediation, mind became stable. We came to know that ordinary concentration is not mediation. Meditation is  “a fully conscious process, an exercise of will”. It is a best tool for better focusing.

Mind used to get upset by various thoughts and words around us which results in lack of interest or lack attention , the meditation is bringing back and fixing your mind/consciousness on our life. When outgoing tendencies are controlled by constant practice of meditation, mind flows continuously on your will! It is real meditation!

Briefly, you will experience the following  results by practicing meditation…

  • Stable mindset/Out of confusion:


Meditation helps you to choose the right among the bunch. One will gain certainty about what is happening, intended, or required. Meditation helps to come out of anxiety and stress, and gives a quality of rest to body, which is the need of life. So, meditation gives emotional stability and helps to better focus.

Meditation increases intellectual ability of human beings. It increases our memory, results in accurate and efficient. Read more

  • High Concentrating power/better focusing: 


A required amount of body rest or sleep re-energizes our body this helps in better concentration in the classroom, creative thinking and classroom participation.
As a result a better academic achievement can be expected.

  • Problem solving:


Meditation develops problem solving ability, it also develops practicality of thinking and positive thinking helps to divide a problem into smaller units and to solve one by one. By regular practice of meditation, makes you calm and patient which must to solve a problem!

  • Being confident: 


The above all activities makes a student confident, makes him/her happier. Meditation helps to live a disciplined life and cultivate good habits.

But remember, you won’t achieve all these by doing for countable days! Surely, you will see the differences from day 1, to achieve the effects of meditation you need to practice it daily, the advanced stage of meditation attained after long practice! 🙂 Clearly, meditation is an ultimate way to better focusing!

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