Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong

Everyday we come across many things or events, every single event gives us different feelings such as joy, sorrow, love hate etc. These all together called emotions.The ability to understand one’s own feeling or the ability to understand others feelings and differentiating between them irrespective of surrounding by considering the situation of the person tells us the emotional ability or mental strength of one’s.

To learn new things or to overcome from Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering it is necessary to be mentally strong. Being stuck at one point or being at stuck at any emotions will never allow you to learn new things because we need fresh and free air to learn. For this we need to be mentally strong.

Being emotionally strong or being mentally strong doesn’t mean you don’t experience pain instead it means how you deal with it, how patiently you take things, how well you calm others to deal with their problems. It is very important to be mentally strong to lead a happy life. Practically, it is not possible to control the things which will happen in future, but we can always have control over our reaction to problems. Let us know how to strengthen our mind….



It is not easy to face ourselves, because we know everything about us! How the problem has arrived and how we reacted to it. We can lie to others but not to ourselves. We are the witnesses of our own feelings. Accept the reality. Be honest with yourself, it will set you free.

For example, a person named ‘X’ tells that he will go for a walk in the morning at 7 am. But in the morning he becomes lazy and fails to wake up at the right time!

Unless you go really honest with yourself, you can never set your mind for anything.



Human body needs a balanced life style, which includes the basic needs healthy food, water and oxygen. Along with these we also need body exercise, rest and relaxation. All these are equally important in one’s life to be mentally and physically healthy.

(a) Healthy food:

Healthy food in the sense a balanced diet, which includes fruits, veggies, grains, eggs and dairies, etc. Drink plenty of water.

(b) Exercise:

Have a habit of regular exercise according to your daily schedule, do not reduce it to less than 30 minutes. After exercising, do meditation for few more minutes, to relax both your body and mind.

(c) Proper sleep:

An adult needs 8 hours of night sleep. Remember! night sleep! 😀 do not sleep inside the classroom or workplace. If you do so, it is one of the sign of being mentally weak! 😀



When something disturbing activity happens to you, close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and

  • Understand the problem
  • Understand the situation & all the angles of the problem
  • Keep calm and control your thoughts
  • Make yourself away from negative thoughts and think positive
  • Compare your past experiences
  • Ignore little things
  • Change  your view and have positive outlook

Then take a decision a right decision among all. Be patient!

It is easy to say as we will not do or we will try to avoid being rude or sentimental or tempered, but it is much difficult to develop these qualities in real life. These cannot be achieved over-night. Before reacting think for few minutes and then respond. The problem will end up with smile on your face by strengthening of mind.


18 responses to “Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong”

  1. I have to wonder why it was Breath Math and not Breathe Math. But that is beside the point, it was just a point that I found when I read the comments. Ok, so now onto the post and my unasked for opinion.

    It’s wonderful. But, I wonder how much is lost when it comes to being “emotional”. I wonder how much of “emotional” is actually us as humans trying to find the response that society is willing to accept in order to avoid being judged.

    With that said, all of your points are valid, take care of how much you sleep, how much you eat and so on but if the problem of feeling “helpless” isn’t addressed, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to take the time to make sure they are eating right or sleeping enough.

    This comes back to one of your points, “We know everything about ourselves.” I beg to differ, I think we are trained to spend so much time trying to conform to society that we lose who we are at a fundamental level. I think we as a society need to stop being so sensitive so that we can be who we are. Love who we want to love, hate who we want to hate, be who we want to be.

    My comment here may seem a little all over the board, but there is a method to my madness. I loved your post, it was well written and made some very good points, gave very good advice. 🙂 Keep on writing, I’m a fan!

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    • Haha first of all I want to thank you for taking my post so seriously 😀 thank you 😀
      Coming to your first question which you have got from comments over here.. as I have already answered to it, I hope it is not necessary to repeat it again 😀 Along with we haven’t mentioned “SHOULD BREATHMATH” 😀

      Then, to the point, why do we need to wait for others accept us? No one can judge others as they are not sure about someone else’s feelings! My question is, “is it necessary to give so much importance to others!?” That’s why I mention always “be yourself”

      And “the feeling of being helpless”, I was about to post this in my next post! For me it is such a big concept! So, thought to elaborate it more! And as I have mentioned in my point1. “Dare to face yourself” tells little about it, if you go through it clearly!

      At the end, thanks again! Keep visiting our site as a sign of fan 😀

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