Managing Love & Studies!

It is truly Tough Tie to choose one among Love and Education/Career?? Falling in love in younger age and maintaining love relationship is not so easy. As common as it is falling in love it is also common to break-up! Yep! Then,  What’s after “BREAKUP”?!… You need to strengthen your mind to come up and to focus better on your studies.

One of my student asked me few days back to talk about ways “to manage love and studies” or “how to manage both love and studies”. Even though it is a right question, I couldn’t control and started  laughing for a while.

When I was a student, I had friends who were in love relationships. A friend of mine topped university examination, twice! An year passed and we passed to second year degree, it was a time of third semester examination, her examination result was exactly opposite of her previous results. Everyone was wondering how this girl has scored  considerably less marks! Even she couldn’t control her emotions, it was much hard for her to digest the reality of scoring very less marks in the university examination and for the first time she shared her love relationship, feelings for her guy with us and the state of being not able concentrate on her studies! In those days we were not sure about these feelings and the way to console her! But we tried our best! But, now, I see several similar stories of young students, who are struggling and failing to manage both love and studies!

As a teenager or as a student it is truly hard to manage both love and studies. Both studies and love requires your quality of time, patience, devotion and stable mind.


Being a student you are depending on your parents/guardian, without settling your life don’t fall for others! Stop stupidity it is not easy! You are too young for all these! Falling in love with age mate? It is high difficult to manage your relationship for life-time, that means you are wasting for precious time which you definitely need to spend studying! Otherwise you may end up by not achieving any one among love and education, it may result in getting lost yourself!


Before giving the tips to manage both love and studies, if your partner understands your passion for studies! Then, here are some tips to manage both love and relationship!

1. Status of Relationship:

status of realtionship

It is just beginning of life. As a student you have lot more to face. Other than falling in love there are countless options to fall for!  Life is not a movie, which ends in 3 hours, you have long way to go! Be sure about your feelings, if you are not so serious about your relationship, it would be better to stay out of it or away from it, than breaking your partner’s feelings later!

2. Being Respectful to one Another:


If you have read the first point “status of relationship” and if you still feel like you want to be in relationship and if you are not time-passing with your partner, if you have no intention of hurting your partner’s feelings who is true to you, then, continue reading! To be in any relationship ‘not only love’, you need to be respectful to your partner. Only then you can expect same from your partner. You people should understand one another’s interests, feelings, likes, dislikes and passion! You should give space to your partner to study, unless hanging whole day! Only then you can expect same from him/her!

3. Be Serious about Studies:


Love cannot feed you. You need a stable career for yourself to fulfill your basic needs, which you can get by completing your education!  Career plays huge role in stabilizing your relationship! Do combined studies in library, discus about  your studies, try to clear one another’s doubts, share your progress and ways to improve your studies without hesitating! This will help you to spend time with your partner. As student this called ‘quality of time’ which you can spend with your partner!

4. Time Management:


Time management is one of the most important topic to manage both love and studies. Let me make it little more clearer;

  • Create a time table for your daily routine. Time table should include study hours, leisure time, time to be with your family, time to be with your partner and then resting time
  • Strictly follow your time-table.
  • Do not combine leisure time and time to spend with your partner. As a student you should enjoy leisure time to fresh-up your mind, to get creative and innovative ideas.
  • Take in healthy food.
  • Take proper rest: An adult need 8 hours of night sleep! If you reduce it, understanding capacity of your next day classes also reduces! Remember!

5. Give first preference to Academic Goals:

academic first

Academic goals such as exams, preparation for exams, participating in sport meets, indoor games etc. As mentioned above ‘be respectful to one another’, you should adjust your mind to give your partner his/her time and space. You should also give him/her space to achieve their academic goals, so that he/she can understand you and give the same space which you have given! Utilize you study holidays properly. Avoid all the hang-outs during exam time and focus only on studies.

In spite of managing all these at the younger age, it is much easier to stay away or stay out of love relationships. Set your life goals, work hard to achieve it and have stable career, Then you no need to manage all these hectic things!

Good luck 🙂



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