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Group Discussion

Group discussion is a valuable discussion by a selected number of people or discussion done by two or more peoples. In modern educational system, teachers organize group discussion by selecting pupils of one class to discuss on a selected topic, in the given time. In other words, group discussion is one of the modern method of accessing students personality.

Let us concentrate on group discussion inside the classroom. Generally, group discussion will have eight to twelve pupils in it and the limit will also be given by associated teacher. Other than teacher organized group discussion, students can also organize group discussion for better learning. Let us know the rules to follow in group discussion, uses of group discussion, Do’s and Dont’s in group discussion…

Rules to follow in group discussion:

  1. Discussion topic should be selected in prior.
  2. Limit discussion to the given topic.
  3. Be polite, be kind.
  4. Give chance to all the group members.
  5. Listen to others.
  6. Be open minded and accept others views & directions


Uses of Group Discussion:

  1. Helps to look within:

When a group of students sit and discuss about  particular topic, which is previously selected and studied by all the group members. During discussion and after the discussion it helps all the group members to evaluate themselves, what they have studied, how much they have studied and how much they member, where they are lacking, where they need to pay more attention. By knowing their own assessment it, it will be surely helpful to make corrections where they need before the examination.

2. Helps in solving difficulty problems/clearing doubts: 

Group discussion generates different question from the members of the group. Every individual has unique ideas, views and thinking capacity. When group discussion is done by a group of students, it helps them to learn from others views too. It develops creative thinking in solving problems and clearing doubts.

3. Learning and revising:

As told as earlier every individual is unique. While clearing one another’s doubts it helps the one to revise and others to learn. This is continuous till the end of group discussion. This continuous process of learning help to remember and helps to overcome from Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering.

4. Life skills:

Yep! group discussion develop important life skills such as leadership, handling peoples, understanding ability, accepting others views, respecting others. It develops general knowledge and team work.

Do’s in the group discussion:

  • Expose yourself
  • Listening and appreciating others
  • Concentrating on discussion
  • Being active participant
  • Clearing doubts of others if you know the answers
  • Creative thinking

Dont’s in the group discussion:

  • Talking about unrelated topic.
  • Being judgemental
  • Making fun of others
  • Laughing at others questions
  • Being shy and being isolated
  • Repeating same question and wasting time
  • Getting worried for your performance by comparing yourself to others.
  • Irritating other participant
  • Irrelevant talks without facts to win your opinion

Everything or concept has its own advantage and disadvantages, similarly, group discussion too. But as an educated person, we should choose right in every path. Be sure to the pupils with whom you are arranging group discussion, be sure whether they will allow you to discuss only about the topic which has been decided previously. Unless being in wrong group and wasting your time too, you must be selective. Friends are friends but one has to be serious about studies.


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    when I was younger I would not participate in discussion always afraid of my own voice and suggestions..
    so your article should be very useful and enlightening to someone like me…

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