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Proper Study Habits

In this competitive world, everyone wants to be a topper in their field, especially students. It is common to feel to be in race. Individual difference plays a main role in getting good grades, except these individual differences to see progress in your education it is necessary to do effective learning. Effective learning helps to get get good grades than your previous result, not only by studying harder instead by studying smarter.

If you are one of them who are studying and but having Difficulty in Remembering what you have studies in prior and when you revise it if you are feeling like you are studying something ‘new’ which you haven’t studied ever! You need to change your way of studying! You seriously need to follow proper study habits.

Though examination marks can never valuate human being, but it is very important to get necessary grades and knowledge to lead a standard life. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t get discouraged, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t give-up, just change your study habits. Applying proper study habits or effective learning can surely improve your academic grades.

Studying should be an active process. Only then your goal of being successful student can be achieved… Let us know few tips to follow ↓


1. Be regular to school/college:

To develop proper study habits you have to be regular to your classes. Be present inside the class both mentally and physically! Being present physically and focusing on the concept outside the class which is of no use will result in mental absenteeism. Even if you feel like the concept which is being taught in the class is of no-use, you should remember that to be a successful student you have to study your syllabus. Focus in classroom activities and Clarify your doubts by asking necessary questions! Avoid distractions and concentrate when your teacher is teaching you.

If you miss a class, try to cover it up with the help of your teacher.

2. Create study groups:

Group discussion generates different question from the members of the group. Every individual has unique ideas, views and thinking capacity. When group discussion is done by a group of students, it helps them to learn from others views too. It develops creative thinking in solving problems and clearing doubts.

3. Regular studying:

Be up-to-date, study regularly, topics must be studied on the same day it is taught in the class. It takes little time and effort to study the concept on the same day it is being taught. Its makes you better in remembering the concepts.Study the difficult subject at first. Better you have your own study time table.

4. Study same subject at the same time and at the same place:

At first choose a peaceful place where you love to study after the school time. Fresh-up yourself, have some food which necessary for Better Focusing!, take little rest for 30 minutes[depends on your mindset but do not extend it more than an hour]. Then start studying as per your time table. Studying same subject at the same time and at the same place daily, helps you to remember what you have studied and also helps you to recall what you have studied in prior.

3.Practice recall while studying:

While studying, recall what you have studied earlier about the respective topic for better understanding. Bridging between what you have studied and what you are studying is very important to remember and recall in the examination.

4. Point it out:

As you complete one subject you take notes such as  writing the keywords, summarize the lesson and write down the points which is to be remembered. Divide  your assignment works and project works, make notes of it too.

5. Raise questions while you study:

Concentrate and study. Stop spending your precious time by simply sitting in front of books. Avoid distractions such as mobile phones, television, radio and family talking. Study in such a way that it creates creative thinking and reasonable doubts in your mind, then, you try to find answers to your question by discussing with your classmates or teachers.

6. Learn the material such as it will be used in later:

Do not read, you study it. Studying must be an active process. Simply studying without proper direction or without understanding the real life applications of it is not an effective learning.

7. Breaks:

Take breaks for few minutes between studies, which helps you to refresh and continue to study again. Remember breaks must not be larger than the time you studied! 😀

8. Keep attention focused at the hand:

It is truly a big work to focus in studies deeply. Here are some basic principles with which the students should be familiar are:

  • Eat well
  • Exercise daily
  • think positive
  • take proper rest
  • take breaks between studies
  • love yourself

As a student you should use your intellect in gaining knowledge and in the success of examination. Strengthen your mind and be able to control your emotions. Being over tensed during your test, you will not be able to remember or recall what you have studied. Similarly, being too relaxed during studying, by distracting yourself and lacking in concentrating may not lead you to reach your goals which you have set-up. Calm yourself and enjoy your life as a student.


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