School v/s Stress!

High school is a schooling after primary school and before higher education. In elementary school there used to be much leisure hours, lots of free time and you were handled by teachers who always considered you as a child. Whereas in high school, you will never be considered as a child, you have be firm in your side both in learning and listening. At the same time, environment at home also changes, your parents expect you to be responsible up to one extent. Teacher will prepare you for stepping in to the college.

There are many matters like attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies, exams, grades, parental pressure and ‘love life’. When this ‘love life’ comes in equation of student life everything other takes U-turn with lack of managing and then it becomes an unsolved problem!

Last week we took a survey of understanding the our high  school students mentality that how do they feel  being in high  school from primary school, where they are facing difficulty, where they are stuck… This survey included hundred students from VII to X standard. A small survey we took in our school in order to understand our school students, so that we teachers try to work on that! The results in short are:

Worried for schoolwork: 

School works include class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies, exams, grades! Fear of getting less marks, adjustment problem with pear groups. Fear of getting backward!

Adjustment at society and school:

As explained by students they are worried for being teased, being judged and to have good friends. This is most common feeling ever as a teenager. 

Adjustments at home and social life:

Parental pressure to Get good grades! and not being able to get good grades. Because of attraction towards opposite sex state of not being able to concentrate in the classroom activities  as before.


Being beauty consciousness and feeling being teased for not looking good as others, fear being lonely because of outer look!

Our top most tips for ending-up the teenage stress:

Realize yourself:

There is no surprising, as you are studying studying advanced concepts than elementary classes, it is obvious to feel pressurized! You may feel difficulty  in the beginning but you are not alone, your teachers and parents are so supportive to you. You can clarify your doubts with your teacher in the free time.

Be open-minded:

Do not fall in love, instead you make them your friends, be in your limits, discuss study related concepts, help one another. You people can be good friends to one another than falling for one another. As it is Manage both Love & Studies! and it is truly Tough Tie to choose among Love or Education/Career??

Love yourself:

Stop giving others higher priority than yourself. Let them to speak what they want, you just focus on your work and try to achieve your goal. Your achievement will make them shut!

Marks can never judge you:

Yep! marks can never judge your ability. Do not read instead you study! Understand the lessons, summarize them, note the points to be remembered! Don’t compare yourself to others. But you can not ignore exams as marks can not judge you! you are a student and you learning is your job.

Understand what beauty is:

Beauty is a combination of qualities. It not only include your shape, complexion etc its just the outer beauty. Inner beauty is more important and valuable than outer beauty. Outer beauty is something one is born with, while inner beauty is how you make yourself, clearly its a gift which you to yourself.


Understanding value of life, Strengthen your mind and Get good grades! Celebrate victories! Reward yourself. Go for outings in the weekends. Enjoy your life as a student as you have long way to go 🙂

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