Future ready?


Welcome to the twenty first century, where we are inundated with phrases like, “the world is rapidly changing” or “the world is flat.” We’ve heard the clarion call about the world today and tomorrow and we know it’s true.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of new strands of information and knowledge, compelling or useless, ground-breaking or trivial, endlessly stream across the globe and our devices. Great leaps in medicine, technology, robotics, new discoveries, new ways of communicating, as well as impending crisis from global warming to unbridled barbaric terrorism slickly presented on social media abound. We struggle to contend with the pace of change as the ground seemingly shifts beneath our feet. This is the world our students will inherit and it begs the question, what skills and competencies will our students need in order to successfully navigate this brave new world? While parents, teachers, educators, philosophers and scholars all attempt an answer, a good place to start is the concept attributed…

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