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Do’s and Dont’s in Math Class

Though we study countable subjects in school such as history, geography, chemistry, physics etc. Every subject has its own way of learning. When i was a student, i was just memorizing history than anything else. But math is different.Simply memorizing formulas and equations or studying in the night before the exam day may not work always. You might not be able to recall mathematics formulas, axioms, postulates or problems in exams.

For better result in the mathematics exam, students need to practice learning from the beginning. Learning math starts seriously from the classroom itself.


Let us know some do’s in the math class:

  • Being regular:

Regularly attend the classes. Be on time to the class. As in the first 5 minutes of class teacher used to bridge from previous class to the current class, which very important to understand the current class.

Avoid bunking without any proper reason. Because you might not be able understand the chapter taught on that particular day which will be used in later classes.

If for any health reasons or any other reason if you are not able to attend the classes then complete your notes and take help from your teacher or from your classmates and learn it as soon as possible.

  • Be an active participant in the classroom

Listen to the instructor or teacher when he/she is teaching you. Because teacher might not write everything on blackboard, whatever he/she say. Understanding the theory of mathematics concept is very important for better learning. Simply going for examplar problems or worked out problem may not work always.

  • Take class notes neatly

When your teacher solves a problem or writes anything on the blackboard note it down in your notes book for future reference. While writing notes write it neatly otherwise you will not able to understand your own writings during exam time. Review your notes before teacher is erases it, check it out for any mistakes.

  • Ask doubts if any

If you have any doubts or if you are not understanding the certain point of math problem, ask your teacher. When she explains listen to her carefully. If you are hesitated to ask in front of the whole class, got to staff room and ask him/her to explain it again.

When others ask doubts and teacher explains them, you too listen to him/her attentively. That will improve your knowledge too.

  • Write down homework problems

Take homework problems when it is given, be attentive in the class. Solve homework problems on the day it is being taught.

Here are some Dont’s of Math Class:

  • Discussing doubts with classmates:

Stop discussing with your classmates when the teacher is teaching you. Ask and clear your doubts with your teacher if you have any.

  • Not bringing text books:

Dont forget to bring mathematics text book to classroom. It might be okay, if you don’t bring social science text book to classroom, but math you should always take textbooks with you.

  • Asking mathematical instruments with others:

Take all your mathematics instruments such as scale, compass box etc. If you ask with others they might get distracted for a moment. If you don’t have any math instrument then take out rough figure and complete in the free time.

  • Incomplete notes:

Complete your class notes and try to be up to date. Because these are the main sources helps you during study holidays and exam times.

  • Distracting instructor

Always have the proper attitude. Stop distracting your teacher. There are many students in the class, if you are distracting teacher then it effects on the studies of all other students too. Be the best person you can.

  • Hesitating to ask doubts

You are in the classroom to learn. If your learning is incomplete or if you are not able understand the classroom activity completely its your duty to clear it. There used to be number of students in the classroom teacher might not always able find each and every students mentality. Do not hesitate, there is no shame in asking doubts.

  • Completing other works in math class:

Do never have a habit of completing other notes or completing assignments in math class. At first you wont be able to understand current math class, secondly if you get caught actions will be taken on you which might not be easy for you to handle.

Enjoy the journey of learning 🙂

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