Preparing for Mathematics Learning
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Preparing for Mathematics Learning

As mathematics problem has number of ways to find the solution but answer used to be the same irrespective of the way you have chosen to find out the answer. There are number of ways of learning or practicing mathematics. Usually there are four categories of students who are learning mathematics. First is students who are enjoying solving maths problem, the one who loves math class. Second is group of students who are finding difficulty in solving mathematics problem but still they are following ‘try and error method’ to solve the problems. Third category is the students who does not understand mathematics problem and getting frustrated before getting the solution. Final category is the group of students who has decided that mathematics is so difficult and they don’t understand it in any way!

A student should have Proper Study Habits at first to achieve the success which you have decided earlier, you should have your own study time table. Learning other subjects differs from learning mathematics. Its difficult to be a math scholar only by listening inside the classroom and just by finishing your homework [we are not talking about gifted children]. There are number of mathematics problem in one lesson and you are not sure which problem will come in the exam. So, practically you have be sure in solving any problem of the lesson which is included in the exam.

As mentioned above “It is difficult to be a math scholar only by listening inside the classroom and just by finishing your homework [we are not talking about gifted children].” This does not mean you can bunk the class as it is not enough if you only listen the chapter in the classroom! Before giving the tips to prepare yourself for mathematics test, i would like to mention few points, that every student has to follow to be a successful student. Those are

  • Be regular to the class
  • Be an active participant in the classroom
  • Take class notes neatly
  • Write down homework problems
  • Ask doubts if any

Do’s and Dont’s in Math Class

If you are follow these points and you are not cheating to yourself, continue reading, i’m sure you will improve your skill of solving mathematics problems. As these are the techniques which i used in my student life. Yep! Let’s discuss one by one:

  1. Proper place:

Choose a place where you can concentrate on studies where you won’t get  distracted easily. Study environment must be calm without noise of television, radio, mobile phone, family discussions as such. Take breaks in the middle. It would be helpful if breaks as rewarding yourself must be other than mentioned electronic devices here because it may take you away from studies.

2. Practicing:

It is difficult to be a successful math student just by solving one problem or just by finishing your mathematics homework or just by being attentive in the classroom. You have to solve as many problem you can. More problem you solve  more wiser you will be. Accept the truth that only practicing math can make you able to solve any related problem of the respected chapter without any fail.

3. Understanding the theory:

Understanding the theory of the mathematics problems, it can easily set in your mind forever. Simply don’t go for exercise problems without reading texts. Memorizing does not works in mathematics! Understanding the theory makes you finest.

4.Checking out:

Every-time you solve a mathematics problem you need to check out the solution once you get the final answer. By checking the answer you will get to know, whether your solution is right or not.

If it is wrong, need not to worry, check out the way you have tried solving it and find out where you have slipped! This will let  you know why your answer went wrong! According to that, try solving the same problem again by closing your ‘referring book'[note book, text book or any other book which you are referring to check the solution].

If your answer is correct then try solving similar problems, which will improve your problem solving skill and time taken you to solve the problem.

5. Noting:

After studying or practicing mathematics problems summarize it by listing the definitions of math keywords, formulas used in the chapter and also note down points or tips used in the current lesson, which will help you in revising during examination.

Keep these records separately do not mix it with other lists that may result in confusion during revision. It will be waste of time.

6. Doubts:

Solving mathematics problems creatively may rise doubts in your mind. Do not leave these doubts without clearing it. Discuss with peer groups or you can ask with your teacher too. Else we are here for you mail to

7. Understand real life applications:

Every mathematical concepts are applied to real life. Understand real life applications or try to apply it concepts which you have studied to real life, this will help you to remember the concepts.

8. 3 R’s:

Always follow 3 R’s in math learning, i.e.,

  • Regularity
  • Relearn
  • Revise

Be regular in studies and practice daily. Complete your homework and solve related problems.

Relearning is very important, recall or just go through what’s being taught at least ones in a week. This will help you to remember.

Revising the chapter learned earlier during study holidays and during exams will make you confident in solving mathematics problems.

Learning mathematics takes time and patience. Both time and patience are equally important in learning mathematics. Don’t loose hope for getting wrong solution, there is  nothing shameful in not able to solve a math problem. Everyone started from the beginning.  Take a deep breath, relax your mind and start again 🙂


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