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Study Holidays

Syllabus used to be finished nearly a month before the exam and then study holidays will be given for students to prepare well in their own way for exam. Normally study holidays meant for 15 days or less.

We know that, To get good grades it is necessary to have Proper study schedule. But if suppose you fail to manage your study schedule, do not stress yourself. When you get stressed, brain gets stuck at that point and you will not be able to decide the better for coming days. Study holidays are there for you, you can do well in that period, unless you lose hope its never been delayed! What are all the necessary things to do in study holidays? and how to get rid of last day preparation?

Here are few simple tips to follow in study holidays, which may seem like common but are truly useful for one who needs it. Let us know one by one,

1. Do not wait for day before the exam:

Please  do not wait for the day before the exam! Set your mind to study seriously from day one of ‘study holidays’ to avoid getting stressed.

2. Special study time-table:

  • Planning for proper study schedule -as whole day at home you can study more than school days. Study time-table should have some limitation for healthy mindset and for increased grasping ability.
  • Following study time-table: This is one of the most important usually student spend all their study holidays in making time table to study. strictly follow your time-table. Avoiding skipping or combining any of the scheduled period with one another.
  • Taking healthy food – To remember what you have studied it is necessary to take healthy food. Drink plenty of water.
  • Resting and restarting – Sleep for 8 hours in the night, is must to overcome from forgetfulness.

3. Practice previous question papers:

Practicing old question paper makes you understand your ability that how much you have studied, which chapter needs to be studied, where you are finding difficulty, mode of answering and more

  • Note down the time
  • Start solving previous question paper as if you are writing an exam
  • Do not cheat yourself- by referring notes in the middle.
  • Do not worry if you find difficulty  in answering all the question
  • At  the end again note down the time.
  • After that take out your notes or reference book and start checking out your solution.
  • Analyse and improve yourself.

4. Join a study group: 

Understanding or learning one concept changes from one person to other. Your study partner might have understood a concept very well which is difficulty to you. So for that join study study group which might be;

  • Peer group.
  • Contacting your teacher to clear your doubt.
  • Discussing with parents who are familiar with your school subjects.

As mentioned clearly JOIN A STUDY GROUP! Discussions must not be out of syllabus.

For more click – Group Discussion

5. Weekend outings:

To refresh your mind go out of home or study environment for few hours once in a week. and then get back to studies as before.

6. Things to do day before the exam:

  • Do not be stressed you will do well. Believe yourself.
  • Study as much as you can on day-time.
  • Recall what you have studied
  • Do not skip food.
  • Relax your mind and sleep in the night.
  • Wake up early the morning. Get fresh and have some food review what you have studied.
  • Be in your institution before the exam timing.

Do not wait for day-before the exam to start studying, it may result in confusion while writing exam. If you have did so or if it is last day of study holidays, relax and go for the step 5. ‘Things to do before the exam’.

Google it for ‘study holidays meme’ and prove all those wrong 😀 Utilize your time and get good grades.

All the best.

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