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Tips to Solve Mathematics Problems

After  discussing the following concepts, Do’s and Dont’s in Math ClassPreparing for Mathematics Learning. Two days back i have got a text to my breathmath official WhatsApp asking to write an article headed “Tips to solve mathematics problems”. I’m happy that people are convinced by the ideas i have given.

Before giving to the tips to solve mathematics problems I would like prefer another an article of mine i.e., Do’s and Dont’s in Math Class. Go through it for better understanding. Because classroom participation is one of the important tool to be a successful mathematics student.

To solve any mathematics problem without the instructor or without referring any book, you need to have proper knowledge about the concept. Clearly, you have to be Theoretical!

Being theoretical


Yep! Read the theories! Simply do not go for example problems. You might be able to solve that current problem by doing like this, but what if questions are twisted. You need to understand the theory of mathematics concepts.

  • Read definitions
  • Understand it , do not by-heart it.
  • Then go to solved example problems.
  • Solve it once by referring book.
  • Try similar problems.
  • note the points.

Then try solving exercise problems. Here are the tips to solve mathematics problems:

Read: Read the problem carefully, do not start solving by reading half of the problem. It may direct you to do something else than what is asked to. Read the whole problem.

Understand: Try to understand the problem such as what is given, what is to be found out, which theory to use, which formula to be used etc. If you are still confused, read the question again and try understanding.

Plan it roughly: Draw a rough diagram from the given data. It will be damn easy to solve problem once if you draw a rough diagram.

Solve itAfter figuring out roughly solve the problem without looking into your note books.

Check it out: After getting the solution check out your solution whether you have got right answer or not. If not need not to worry. Find out where you have slipped and correct it and try solving the same problem again.

Go for similar: Once you got the right answer and justified your answer then move on to similar problems.


Preparing for Mathematics Learning

Study Holidays

Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering

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