Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam by Breath Math

We all have a small confusion about math exam! Though we studied as per our own Proper Study Habits. When I ask my students that how do they feel about math test, they usually have no words but they reply ‘scared’.

We have already discussed the following concepts, what are the Do’s and Dont’s in Math ClassProper Study Habits, How to Prepare for Mathematics Learning, Simple Tips to Solve Mathematics Problems and how to utilize Study Holidays. Now, here we are giving few tips and tricks to follow in mathematics exam.

Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

1.Be in the campus before exam timing – Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

Be in the school/college campus before the exam timing to avoid unnecessary stress. Do not run and rush in last few minutes, with tension you may get confused might not be able to recall everything while writing exam. If something happens and you reach your institution late for minutes, do not worry, be brave and relax yourself.

2. Read the question paper – Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

As first 15 minutes are to read question paper utilize it, read all the question.Reading whole question paper avoids unnecessary waste of time in the middle of exam.

  • Markdown easy questions:

Mark out easy question so that you could gain some positive energy by solving easy question and later you can solve the remaining.

  • Do not worry for unknown questions: 

If you mind question from the chapter which you haven’t studied or you find difficulty in simplifying, do not worry. Its not the time to get worried. You have limited time to answer the questions. Go for the known question and you try the difficult one later.

3. Solve as you prioritized – Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

  • Yep as marked in first 15 minutes start solving easy question, difficult questions may consume too much.
  • Make yourself sure that what is given and what you have to find out.
  • Write neatly.
  • Do rough works in the given space or last page of your answer sheet.
  • Draw diagrams on the right side of your answer sheet.
  • Try to attempt all the questions.

4. Time management – Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

Time management is very important do not stuck at one problem for too much time. Always keep checking your watch. If you feel difficulty in solving one question, leave some place and go for the next question. Complete that leftover question at the end. Otherwise you might not get time to attempt other questions.

Do not think too much for a question. It is nothing but waste of time. Leave space to attempt it at the end and solve remaining question.

5. Review – Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

In last 10 minutes review your answers.

  • Check out ‘question numbers’ are right or not. If the question number is wrong and the answer is right you might not get marks for it.
  • If necessary solve the difficult question again in the rough sheet! and check out again.

After finishing the exam do not worry for the mistakes you did in current exam instead study for the next exam.


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