Miniatures in Exam hall!

Every month we teachers used to conduct a class test for students on our subject. After completion of every chapter we give one week to learn it and then we conduct a class test. It makes every student to learn chapters in prior to board exams. We have received a positive opinion from both students and parents by following this method  in math classroom. Tests like this helps students to evaluate themselves and helps to improve their study habits.

Are you thinking ‘why this article is headed Miniature?’. Yep! miniature well suits to this. A student of 8th standard [we are not mentioning as boy or girl, we consider them only as students], bought a cheat sheet to exam hall. Can you believe it was so small that i couldn’t read it without my specs.  It was smaller than 5 cm square paper, student has written number of scientific names and diagrams along with mentioned parts in it! I wondered! He could have used his time in reading a single answer than creating this cheat sheets!

That was not the right place but at first i felt like congratulating for creating such a miniature with so many writing, that too with space between words and with diagrams so neat! Felt like what a talent of creating a miniature! But that was not a right place that a student can choose to present skill of creating a miniature.

Without taking any action on that particular student, we gave a new answer sheet and asked to answer the questions again. To make him/her realize the actual ability without cheat sheets and we just wanted make all other students to feel what happens when you get caught while cheating! It might not harm you practically until you get caught, but think about what happens when you get caught!!

What’s the use of cheating?!

You might get good scores by cheating but what’s the use? absolutely nothing! You have gained nothing from these marks! Education is not directed towards gaining marks and occupying well paid positions in the society. It is about how well you make yourself honest, and truthful, how you make yourself known to your own ability.

Don’t compare your marks with others! Marks are just number, to be an educated you educate yourself! You are unique. You have your own ability, use it to grow yourself in positive direction! ‘Cheating in exam’ is you are cheating yourself along with you are cheating your parents who have considered you as their everything in this entire world.
Try your level best to study and concentrate more… Cheating gives you nothing but defame if you get caught!

Get help from your teachers and parents to learn difficult subjects. Your parents are the first guide to you, share your thoughts and difficulties with them. No one can understand you better than your parents.

Action taken by us:

Ignoring his/her marks we gave him/her proper cautions of repeating the same incident in future. We have decided to give him/her a chance to expose his/her creativity by drawing a valuable picture in a small sheet of paper and called it is as miniature drawing, then posted it in school notice board 🙂

Image: Clipart-Microsoft word document.


9 responses to “Miniatures in Exam hall!”

  1. …. once had a student slip a small piece of paper underneath the exam sheet and it fell on the floor. I got it for him and without looking at it asked him if there was something important on it and if so, i’ll give it back when the exam was over … he got it after the exam and thanked me for not turning him in for trying to cheat …

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  2. Wow!!
    It’s so amazing to realize that the ones who choose to cheat is actually the most brilliant minds of all..
    But good lesson breathman…
    We really do our selves injustice when we choose to cheat

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