Obvious Feeling – Freedom From Home

High school is a schooling after primary school and before higher education. It is difficult to assign definite years as classes of high school differ from one country to another. However,  it is schooling at teenage.  Normally from class VIII to X or IX to XÌI.

This is a period of rapid changes.  It emerges from later childhood stage and merges into adulthood.  High school students can not be considered fully as children, nor as adults! It is a period of learning new things & period of development in new dimensions such as physical,  mental,  spiritual,  sexual and social outlooks,  also moral!

In elementary school there used to be much leisure hours, lots of free time and you were handled by teachers who always considered you as a child. Whereas in high school, ideologically, you may not be considered as a child always, you have to be firm in your side both in learning and listening. At the same time, environment at home also changes, your parents expect you to be responsible up to one extent. Teacher will prepare you for stepping in to the college. That’s must!

Because this is the period where you have to take fine decision for your future. To take firm decisions you need to be firm in choosing. In high school there is no choice for students to select subjects of their interest, you have to study all the subjects which is decided by the higher education board. Parents expect you to follow Proper Study HabitsFocus more on your education, they don’t want you to fall in love because they knew it is Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??, nor parents not teacher will give you ideas to Manage both Love & Studies!-as they are sure you have lot more to enjoy than falling in love. They are right at their side!

But what about students? There are many matters like attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies, exams, grades, parental pressure and ‘love life’. When this ‘love life’ comes in equation of student life everything other takes U-turn with lack of management and then it becomes an unsolved problem! Then you feel difficulty in adjustment at home, society, school; association with opposite sexdeveloping sound philosophy of life as a result being teenager you may feel like you need freedom from home!

Years back we had a student in our school class who almost decided to fled from his home because he wanted freedom from home! Luckily we have caught him before he could take any such action! We had talked to him briefly about why? to where? what’s his plans after leaving home etc. and he made me to write this for him!

I would like to say feeling of freedom is so obvious.. . Normally at this period of life there used to be lots of changes in human life, its natural phenomenon. Because of  these developmental tasks it becomes difficult for one to take right decisions and proper balancing of everything. It is common to feel being independent or getting freedom from home. It is natural to have feelings of sadness, you may feel stressed by lack of management of daily routine, you may feel sickened, you may feel difficulty in managing your emotions. The one who advises you also felt the same at your age, its not only your problem instead its a period of life!

But as a student you won’t get freedom which you expect. What if you try to come out of that boundary of home in your words “freedom from home”? Will you be able to do what you want? Will you be able achieve your goal which you have set to achieve? Will you be able to fulfill your dreams?

Practically, if you ever think of leaving home what will you do/ where do you stay? how will you achieve your goal? Remember it is too hard to identify your own identity outside your home without your family members!

Be blessed, stay blessed!

Those who have their own family are the blessed ones in the entire world. There are number of people who are struggling to get a family for them. Those whom we find at street are tried and tired of finding their own family.
One can never understand the value of things unless we lose it! To understand the value of a particular thing ask the one who eagerly waiting to own it!
Parents are teing  you up for situation because they have already crossed  the stage of life which you are facing now.

Love what you have 🙂 You will laugh on your own feeling after couple of years … 😀

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