Forgetting/Forgetfulness/Difficulty in Remembering

In day to day life we come across tons of experiences, every minute something happens, sometimes we feel it, we understand it, we love it, we like it, we don’t like it, we hate it etc.We often forget sometimes we find difficult to remember or recall in other words we forget things and struggle to recall. It is highly impossible to remember each and everything happens in our life, truth it is!

Sometimes we often forget things or concepts which we have learnt previously after 30 minutes, after few hours, after a day, after few days or after few months or years. Somehow, its not possible to remember everything and it is good to forget few experiences, for healthy and happy life. Further more how  about STUDIES???!! Terrific if you forget and unable to recall at the right time!

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Forgetting is exactly opposite of learning!! Let us know little more about it…

You are not the only one who forget the things or concepts and fail to recall… There are many.. Do not worry if you fail to recall in exams or in the classrooms, don’t be stressed, pressurized. Rather than being upset or stressed out you should find reason behind it. Seems like you are in a fine direction! Welcome to breathmath. We are here just for you!

“Forgetting means failure at any time to recall experience  when attempting to do so, or to perform an action previously learnt”

– James Drever

“True learning is judicious forgetting”

– Adams

In student life, recalling what we have studied is very important part, we study to recall …  If we fail to do so, did you ever try to know WHY DO YOU FORGET??? WHY ARE YOU UNABLE TO RECALL WHAT YOU HAVE STUDIED EARLIER?

Before going for the remedies for forgetting, let us know little deeper about causes or reasons of forgetting/ forgetfulness/difficulty in remembering so that  we  can take some precautions before taking remedy. [Let us take mathematics concepts as example for clear discussion]


To come to any conclusion or take remedies, we must be very clear about the reasons.  So, let us find the reason behind forgetfulness or forgetting or difficulty in remembering.

  1. Lack of Interest: 

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Lack of consistency in results is because of lack of interest! This is the main reason why don’t to fail to recall the concepts which you have  studied earlier. Lack of interest  leads to lack of dedication, attention in learning. Feeling of not being curious to learn new concepts! Feeling of getting bored while learning!Consequently, these are the questions left in ones mind such as Why cant I study for longer hours?  Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying? Click on the links for detailed information yet if you have any doubts feel free to contact us.

2. Lapse of Time: 

Remember, time has the power to change human feelings. The long gap between learn and relearn or revision of concepts or irregular study also results in forgetting rather than proper use of the concepts what you have learnt earlier.

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Forgetting starts as soon as we stop learning. The gap between the study and the lesson taught, is major reason for not remembering anything when you study for the first time. You will ALMOST FEEL LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO STUDY SOMETHING NEW CONCEPT WHICH IS NEVER BEEN TAUGHT!

3. Discontinuance of Study:

Discontinuance in the sense lack of revision of lesson, being irregular to the classes, lack of practice of mathematical problems!!. Rate of forgetting is most rapid when there is disuse of any activity.

4. Interference of any other activity:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Interference of any other activity is use of mobile phones while studying, discussing or involving in unrelated things with friends while teacher is teaching the concepts inside the class as such…

5. Restlessness:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

 Restlessness means lack of systematic life style. Not taking sufficient amount of rest after any activity, learning, not involving in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities in school, sleeplessness, studying whole night without sleeping,  getting tensed and trying to study!!

6. Unpleasant and painful experience:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Comparing himself and his studies to other peer groups, sense of guilt and shame, getting tensed and stressed for not being regular in studies and trying to study everything over-night leads nothing remember or recall!

7. Fatigue: 

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Extreme tiredness resulting from mental and physical exertion  or illness, clearly weakness or feeling of being exhausted will also effects on memory/forgetfulness. Since lack of healthy life style also a reason for forgetfulness.

8. Emotional disturbance:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

A student with emotional disturbance like getting irritated very soon, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive will have learning inability, as a result most probably he/she will suffer from forgetfulness. It is the state of not being able to make proper study  time-table.


Finally we are here for the remedy session to come out of forgetting/forgetfulness or difficulty in remembering. Now it is much easier for us to come up from forgetfulness.

  1. Being up-to-date:

Immediate revisions of lesson taught in the classroom, being up-to-date! It would be more effective if you study daily after the school time, what is taught in the classroom. If you do so, most probably lessons will settle in your brain before it fades!

2. Preparing study time-table:

Prepare your own study time table, which involves leisure time, resting time and also STUDY TIME 😀 Don’t forget to add STUDY TIMINGS 😀 😀

Tips to start your own study time table.

3. Revision: 

Revise the lessons what you have studied once in week. This will help you from forgetting such as formula, axioms, theorems etc.

4. Practice:

Practicing regularly is one of  the most important. So that our brain does not let it drain. Therefore, instead of studying or reading Mathematics, you need to practice it, start solving mathematics problems, write and solve it!

5. Nature of learning:

One should choose meaningful learning, not just covering the lessons, you should understand and solve it. Discuss the confusing concepts in addition ask doubts with experts. In conclusion, anything which is extreme is  obviously bad!  😀

And, remember, forgetting is not always an evil! Most noteworthy is you need to be selective in remembering and forgetting! now we are sure with reasons and remedies 🙂 Don’t READ the lesson, you STUDY it! You will never forget!



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