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Month of August and My site

Its been 7 months i have been blogging… Stats of August made me happier than my previous stats.. So i decided to celebrate my small achievement with my lovely followers and blog visitors 🙂


I started blogging in Feb’16 and i was completely off for next two months i.e., March and April, I haven’t posted a single post as I was busy with other works. Then posted very few posts in the month May , again almost off in Jun. In July and August i have started working seriously in my site and it became my hobby 🙂


Here is the result of 7 months of blogging. In the month of August I had 3,433 #UniqueBlogVisitors and 7667 #BlogViews… Hurray 😀 I’m so glad 🙂 Thank you so much for all the visitors and all my lovely followers 🙂


Stats of the month August 2016 .. Yo! My site is viewed by 98 countries of the world, a biggest Milestone of mine.

Until i started blogging seriously i had very few followers [I think 50+]. In the month of August I have gained a number of followers too.


Each page has 20 followers in WordPress followers list, in the month of August breathmath has covered 8 pages in WordPress followers list and 5 followers in the 9th page of WordPress followers list. Thus (20 x 8)+ 5 = 160+5 = 165 new followers in August. Wow! 😀

Things I have learned by August Stats:

  • Only by being regular one can achieve the goal of blogging.
  • Time spent is equal to increase in the stats 😀
  • Follow your followers and appreciate their efforts.
  • Tagging and categorizing helps other bloggers and search engines to find your blog.
  • Learning from expert bloggers can help you more 🙂

Celebrating by Thanking:

Thanks to all my WordPress followers, email followers and my site visitors by search engines 🙂 and too much to all my students 🙂

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