Writing Mathematics Notes
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Writing Mathematics Notes

Every subject teacher gives or makes you to write notes for every chapter. Writing mathematics notes and writing other subject notes differs a bit. If you do not write it in a proper way, you might not understand what you have written when you try to study and then it will be waste of your valuable time in running and pleasing to others to refer your notes with theirs. So it would be better to write math notes properly.

Writing Mathematics Notes of your own first thing is you need to be regular to class. You have to be inside the class both mentally and physically. There are some Do’s and Dont’s in Math class, for more click on Do’s and Dont’s in Math

  1. Why being regular is important:

Your instructor produces fresh contents to you everyday, if you bunk the class you might miss an important concept of it or you might not understand the continued part of that chapter.

2. Write neatly:

Yep! Write neatly…

  • Leave margin space.
  • Give space between words/mathematical symbols wherever needed.
  • Draw diagrams at the right side of your notes book.
  • Leave a line once you complete a solution of a mathematical problem.
  • Do not start a problem or do not write a question in one a page and solution in next page, instead write both question and answer in a same page, to avoid confusion in later.

This will make your notes look easy on the eyes, which one of the important thing in learning mathematics. 

3. Refer:

If something or if you feel like something went wrong, in free time refer your classmates notes and fill it out.

4. Complete your homework:

Dont forget complete your homework problems. Don’t be afraid of getting wrong solutions or do not fill up your notes by copying your friends books. Do it by yourself, if went wrong mark it and do it again properly, it helps you to remember where you went wrong and why.

5. Bring class notes daily:

Don’t forget to bring your notes to class room, your notes are the main sources of studying in exam time.

If for some reason forgot to bring mathematics notes book, write all the notes in rough book and complete/ rewrite it in your notes book once you get it.


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    1. Yep! This happened with me only when I was in my masters degree 😀 theorem went terrific in my notes whereas it was much better in friend’s book 😂 😂 this point came from within 😁😁


      1. I believe it applies not just to students, but more importantly to teachers too! We can all count how many math/physics/chem teachers we’ve had with bad handwriting haha! And then those who’s hand is a pleasure to read.


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