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A Huge Hill of Knowledge – Dr. Bhaskar Maiya

From KG to PG classes, there were number of teachers taught me infinite concepts  related to studies and uncountable life lessons. They were not much lesser than my parents to me. All of them were equally important as my parents to me in the process education.

As I mentioned earlier there were number of teachers in the journey of KG to PG classes, every one of them were unique. Recently when I was browsing something, I remembered my sir Dr. Bhaskar Maiya. I googled for him. I got a LinkedIn profile with his name, I was not sure whether he is my lecturer or not! Then went to his profile and got to know that he is my sir! But that was not enough to me, I wanted to contact him to talk to him, because nearly after 7 years I found my lecturer online! However, after searching for minutes i got his number…

A Huge Hill of Knowledge - Dr. Bhaskar Maiya
Dr. Bhaskar Maiya

Dr. Bhaskar Maiya, my Hindi lecturer during my course of B.Sc., as Hindi is my mother tongue, it was one of the easiest subject for me. More than listening to the text-book chapter, I was so impressed by his views and philosophy of life. His lesson were always filled with life sciences. Me and my friend both were so passionate about our lecturer Dr. Bhaskar Maiya, because of his visions of life, which forced us to know little more about him. First thing we had found to know more about him was College Calendar, by looking at his qualification we were surprised! At that time he was writing his 6th M.A. Examination!!! Can you believe it! Oh my gosh! We were simply and purposefully passing by corridors of Hindi Staff room to see him again, to justify ourselves how he might have completed Five M.A. exams and writing 6th! His qualification made us not to forget him ever! Even with my relatives I had always shared about my lecturer Dr. Bhaskar Maiya.

I was so excited to talk to him, but I was not sure whether he recognize me or not! Even after having his number I thought for a while whether to call or not. But then I felt like in this very few years of my teaching experience I don’t remember all of my students, then how can he remember me! Obviously he might have seen thousands like me.

Then I called him and introduced myself. I could feel his happiness of meeting old student, because now I’m in the same profession. That’s really used to be proud moment to talk to our students after years. I was happiest. I asked him “Sir did you complete your 6th course which you were writing during my B.Sc.,” He replied “Now I completed my 8th course!!”. I wondered and asked him “How is it possible sir”, he replied “writing an examination has become my skill”. Our talk continued for few more minutes and after disconnecting his call I thought of writing an article about him on Teachers’ day, September 5th.

Now he is a retired professor having total 41 years of teaching experience in  Philosophy, Languages(Hindi, English, Sanskrit), History-archaeology. His qualification details are as follows:

1. B.Sc-Mysore University Mysore
2. Hindi Ratna
3. B.Ed. 1974 Mysore University
4. Dip in Kannada-Mysore University Mysore
5. M.A. (Hindi) Karnataka University, Dharwad
6. M.A. (Philosophy) Karnataka University, Dharwad
7. M.A. (Jainology & Comparative Religion) Vishwa Bharathi University, Ladoon,
8. M.A. (Prakrit) Karnataka University, Dharwad
9. P.G. Diploma in Human Rights (IIHR, New Delhi)
10. M.A. (Sanskrit) Karnataka University, Dharwad
11. M.A. (English) Karnataka University, Dharwad
12. Ph.D. (Hindi) Mysore University, Mysore

No doubt-ably he is a huge hill of knowledge. Studying and writing an examination might be one of his hobby. He has got National Award for his book called “Ajanabeepan aek Saiddanthik Anushilan” in 2002 at Prime Ministers House by Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapeye.  

A Huge Hill of Knowledge - Dr. Bhaskar Maiya
Dr. Bhaskar Maiya receiving National Award for his book called “Ajanabeepan aek Saiddanthik Anushilan”  in 2002 at Prime Ministers House by Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapeye.

He has attended number of National and International Seminars, here are some of the National and International Seminars he has attended in the last 5 years of his retirement.

  • International Seminar by ‘Social Justice Forum, Mangalore’, on ‘Future of Socialism’ (10th 11th and 12th Feb – 2006) participated as a Resource Person (Sub: Socialism is the future).

  • Symposium on ‘Bhakti Movement in Hindu and Christian Traditions’ by ‘Chairin Christianity’ Mangalore University, Mangalore – on 26th Dec-2005. Participated as Resource Person. (Sub: ‘Bhakti in HinduTradition’).

  • Resource Person for “All India 74th Kannada Sahitya Sammelan, Udupi” 12,13, 14, 15 Dec – 2007

  • National seminar on Maixm Garkhies “Mother” – 5th and 6th Feb-2008 By Kannada University, Hampi and Kuvempu University, Shimoga at Kuvempu University, Shimoga. Participated as Resource Person.

  • UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on “Information Technology and Communicative Language’, on 30-31 July, 2009 at Sacred Heart Collage, madanthyar, D.K. Participated as Resource Person.

  • International Seminar on ‘World Peace’ at Hansraj Collage, Delhi University, Delhi, on 10th, 11th and 12th August 2009. Participated as Resource Person.

  • “Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, Govt. of India” on 28th 29th and 30th Dec. at Kuvempu University, Shimoga. Participated as Resource Person.

  • Valedictory Address on the National Seminar “Innovative Techniques Teaching– Learning Process of Hindi Language in Higher Education in Non-Hindi Speaking Areas” held at Nehru Memorial College, Sullia on 22nd and 23rd September – 2011.

His academic participation and activities are uncountable. He always given his best to the society in bring up peoples from darkness to light! and inspired his co-workers and students by his simplicity. His words always convinced listeners.



(Last five years before retirement)

1. Inaugurator of ‘Art & Cultural Panorama – 2005’, Shree Guru Sudhindra
Collage, Bhatkal.
2. Chief Guest for “Devaru Samagra Chintane”, 25.02.2007 at National Collage,
Jayanagar, Bangalore.
3. Resource Person for “1857 National Movement and its relevance” Govt. First
Grade Collage, Shankaranarayana on 7th Sept. 2007.
4. NSS of Mangalore University and First Grade Collage Tenkanidiyoor, Udupi
Symposium on “Literatures of Seven Languages”. Resources Person for Hindi
5. “C.N. Shetty-75” District Rationalist Association, Udupi on 05.04.2009.
Participated as Resource Person
6. President and Inaugurator of ‘Nehru and Rationalism’ on 01.02.2009. Rationalist
Association, Udupi
7. Samudaya, Kundapura 22 March 2009, Speaker on “Universal Brotherhood”
8. Mangalore University extension programe speech on “Nalacharite” at Udupi on
9. Talk on “Cow Slaughter Bill” Samudhaya Mangalore on 15-10-2010.
10. Resource Person for State Level “Samudhaya 30” on 31st Oct and 1st Nov.
Speech on “Veda, Shadarshana and Janasankirthi” Kundapura

1. Chairman of B.O.S. in Hindi (2003 to 2006)
2. Member of B.O.S. in Hindi (2006 to 2009)
3. Chairman of B.O.E. in Hindi ( for two terms)
4. Member of Academic Council, Mangalore University, Mangalore.
5. Member of BOEA, Mangalore university (2004, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09)

Research fields under taken by him are

  1. UGC sponsored minor research project on “Shambha A Cultural Study”
  2. “Communal Violence in Costal Karnataka from 1998 to the Present” (ongoing)

He has been considered as M. Phil and Ph.D. Guide of Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar
Sabha, Madras (order dated 21/07/2009) and Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis of Kannada University, Hampi, evaluated the Ph.D. Thesis of S.M. Gangadharayya, “Dr. Shamba: Samasyye Mathu Hudukata”, Guided by: Dr. Mallepuram Venkatesh. Along with he has guided number of Ph.D. and M.PHIL. thesis.

He has published number of books of his own. He has distinguished his books as Curriculum Syllabus and  Other Creative works and Translations. Here are few,
a. For Curriculum Syllabus
1. Natak Buhurangi
2. Natak Aajtak
3. Samayik Aekanki
4. Vijnan Aur Uug
5. Akal Utsav
6. Jeevan Aur Shikshan
7. Aat Kahaniyan
8. Ashudhi Samshodhan
9. Vyakaran Bharathi
10. Madyayugeena Hindi Kavitha
11. Bhakti yugeena Sant Sahithya
12. Madyayugeena Kavya Samgrah
13. Shamba
14. Pradeshik Sahitya
15. Manak Hindi Vyakaran
b. Other Creative works and Translations
16. Shamba : Vyaktitwa Aur Kritithwa (2005)
17. Adhunik Sahithya Aur Prayagavad (2006)
18. Understanding W.T.O (2007)
19. Bahurastreeya Arthikateya Parinamagalu (2007)
20. Jain Darshan: Aek Avalokan (2008)
21. Dhram Aur Manavadhuikar
22. Mahapandith Rahul Sankrathyana
23. Mukajjiya Kanasugalu mattu Manavashastra
24. Stalin mattu Karmika Vargada Kranthi
25. Marksvada mattu Soundarya Shastra
26. Dharma Darshana Sadachara
27. Dharma Darshanada Varga Itihasa
28. Jyothishya – Ondhu Adhyayana
29. Marksvadi Darshana
30. Avanthiyedege Devaru Dharma
31. Jyothishya : Vyjnanikave? Vanchaneye?
32. Bharathiya Bhasha Kutumbhagalu
33. Jijnasa
34. Sahithyadalli Soundarya Shastrada Samasygalu
35. Harishankar Parasahiyavara Aydha Kathegalu
36. Samrajyashaiya Davadeyalli Bharatha
37. Bharathadalli Muslim Janasanke mattu Samana Nagarika Sahithe
38. Ajanbhipan: Aek Saiddanthik Anushilan
39. Sankritada Nalnudigalu
40. Premapathra Mattu Headmaster
41. Mata, Matantara Mattu Marxvadi Vishwadrasti
42. Rigveda Mathu Jansamskrithi
43. Vada Vivada and Samvada
44. Jagatheekaranada Nagapasha
45. Nikashakkodada Nirnayagaglu

Heartily proud to be your student sir. Live long a healthy and happy life.I want to be your students again sir, seriously. You are a true inspiration and a living legend.

Happy teachers’ day Sir 🙂 

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