Guest post by Penwizardblog

Yes! You heard that right. I want to give you seven concrete reasons to convince any judge who tries you for having to DISOBEY your teachers. You should DISOBEY –  [Directly Inquire Scarce Opinion Born by Experience of Years] your teachers because;

1. They have a job to teach and guide you adequately;

2. They have a passion for helping you lead an excellent life in all ramifications;

3. They are more exposed, experienced and alert as regard several situations;

4. They can’t remain with you forever;

5. They have been confused just like you before;

6. They would be rewarded irrespective of how much you’ve learnt from them;

7. They wish to be fulfilled  by your success.

So, the next time you DISOBEY your teachers and asked why, tell whoever cares to listen that I, vicwonder gave you the go ahead! lol!

Victor Emmanuel,
C.E.O, Vicwonder Writing Gem.

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