Teenage & Love life!

Education is a bridge between man and human being! Education at schools/ universities helps in preparing oneself to get a good job which is the need of life, which will give a standard living.

During schooling, what are the main concepts comes in ones life?

Teenage & Love life!

  • Dealing with attendance
  • class notes
  • homework
  • laboratory works [record writing, observations, submission of records on date etc]
  • assignments
  • studies
  • exams
  • parental pressure
  • and love life!

the problems of dealing with attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies and exams can be solved according to How to get good grades! and Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering the concepts which is studied earlier! Remaining is LOVE LIFE! A biggest confusion! LOVE or EDUCATION! Is it necessary to choose one among these? Can we live by choosing any one of these? Are you stable in life to get in to these? 

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