Hello bloggers – Help me out

Can you please teach me how to alt tag an image? Can you tell me more about it?


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  1. Using the WordPress uploading tool, just give it a title. The title would be what a screen reader would use to read your image. Alternately, you could hand code it with something like this:

    Other parameters could be added for sizing, or styling. Best advice… use the WordPress tool as much as possible.

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  2. Pictures aren’t my usual thing but here’s one way to do a link. This works if you always want your image to go to a particular landing page. If you want to use it, on different posts to go somewhere else, it gets a little more complicated.

    1. Create a new post.
    2. Click to Add Media.
    3. Upload, or grab one from your library.
    4. On the screen of parameters that pop up use:

    Title: to give the image a friendly name.
    Caption: if you want to add a newspaper style caption under your image.
    Link: use this selection box to choose ‘custom’.

    Choosing custom will let you enter a url to any page in the whole wide world to send somebody to when they click the image. It will be associated with the image, so anytime you use it, it links to your custom page.

    Hope that helped.

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