How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?
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How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?

An answer to the question asked in Quora, full question is “I have classmates who get 90+ grades without studying. I study and get 80+. How can I be like them?” A thought-provoking question it is. We all had such questions and classmates who were telling that they haven’t studied anything for exam etc. But we haven’t had quora in those days to ask question to millions 😀

Yep! We all had faced the same question for years when we were in schools/colleges. I had friends who were telling that they haven’t studied anything for the exam. They are simply coming and attending it, whatever they get in this exam is their own ability blah blah blah. I wondered how is this possible? Attending an exam without actually studying? Years passed stepped in to college and had new friends. Then once I tried the same sentence “I haven’t studied anything for the exam. I’m simply coming and attending it, whatever I get in this exam is my own ability” Lol in most of the cases this is how it works!

Technically one cannot top the exam without actually studying! They might be studying smarter but that doesn’t mean they are not at all studying for the exam! Every living being is different, everyone has their own abilities and capacities which is called individual differences. If all are same then how could you differ yourself from others? How could you differ yourself in the crowd?

here are some best ways to get rid of these feelings,

1.Accept yourself: 

Tell yourself that you are unique. Believe in yourself. You have to be your first priority not others and their achievements. Without hard work nothing better can  happen. Work hard, trust yourself and wait for the result.

2. Stop Comparing:

How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?

Individual differences differentiate one another. There people who are extremely bright, who are average and below average along with everyone has their own hidden abilities. Scoring 90+ is not the true value of education, applying the essence of education to real life is. Compare yourself with your previous result not with others!

3. Do your best:

If you spend your time thinking about others such as your classmates/friends, when will you think about yourself to improve you? You might not get enough time to do what you need to! Quit comparing and start working harder than.

4. Proper study schedule:

Though examination marks can never evaluate human being, but it is very important to get necessary grades and knowledge to lead a standard life. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t get discouraged, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t give-up, just change your study habits. Applying proper study habits or effective learning can surely improve your academic grades. For more click here – Proper study schedule

Dont get fooled by others who make you feel things look easier. Without actually studying academics one cannot get 90+/100 marks as academics are new concepts which has to be learnt by all. So stop thinking alternative way to get answer to your question “How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?”

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  1. “Scoring 90+ is not the true value of education, applying the essence of education to real life is.”
    Words to live by.
    For me, studying was paying attention in class and listening actively, that is, listening while thinking about understanding the conversation. If I didn’t get the concepts in class, studying later didn’t really help me. As a consequence, I didn’t have good study skills. In college, (where professors do NOT teach for understanding!) I had to learn how to dig out the meat of the subject for myself. As a high school teacher, I MODEL learning/studying through classroom activities. Grades – whether they motivate or de-motivate (kids don’t try because they don’t believe it will make a difference) still rule the roost. We have got to find better ways to describe achievement!

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    1. Yep! So true. That’s why now education system has changed and “Continuous and comprehensive evaluation” has been adopted for bring out the hidden challenge in every child. Education is not just confined to classroom or getting higher scores etc… Education is being evaluated even outside the classroom in these days.

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