Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying?

Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying?

We have given a chance for students to express their problems in studies to VIII to 12th grade students to understand students problems and to do a case study and then to give a bunch remedy to them. More than quarter of the students letters summarized to “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?”

Do you feel sleepy while studying? Why do you feel so? Is it only to a particular subject? Sleeping is relaxing, is studying too hectic that you go to relax? ha ha! What if it becomes too relaxed! lol Don’t worry you are not only one. There are many with you.

Actually reading and studying are two different things. Studying is understanding and grasping the essence of the article or the concept whereas reading is just knowing the things or concepts. For example, You read news papers, you don’t study them! But if you read your academic books it is not enough  to get good grades, you study it for better result.We say a man is reading news paper and a student is studying!

So  commonly by listening to the question “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?”, two more questions arises are;

  1. Is there any particular subject which lets you to sleep?

If for any particular subject forces you to sleep while studying then you might be having difficulty in that subject and disappointment might be the  reason behind your sleep.

2. Do you fall asleep  while studying all the subjects?

If yes then there might be countable reasons for sleeping while studying such as  improper study habits, study environment, lack of understanding, eye sights problems etc

In both the cases here are few tips to avoid sleeping while studying. 

Note: It would be better to consult an eye specialist because one can fall asleep because of stress on eyes for trying to studying for hours, if there is an eye-sight problem without power glasses studying might be stressful to your eyes as the question says “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?!”

  1. Study  environment: 

Study environment plays a  main role in studying for long hours. Study environment must be free from disturbance but if the place is too calm then you might fall asleep easily.

  • If you are studying in you room then first of all clean your room and keep all the things in its place. Open up the windows let fresh air comes in which obviously fills positive energy in your room.
  • Do lay on bed and study. This cannot be a proper way of studying this will surely forces you to sleep. Do not use sofa also instead use wooden chair or any simple chair without cushion.
  • Do not use table fan while studying because of blowing wind on face you might concentrate in studies up to your expectation.
  • Walk around your room and study to avoid falling asleep.

2. Multitasking: 

Yep, multitasking! To avoid sleeping while studying multitasking is also a powerful weapon. While studying take a study-note-book and write down the name of the lesson and key words with definition, meaning, properties, prepare your own note such as it can be used later in exam times as quick referring notes.

3. Proper and Fine Breaks:

Take breaks in the middle while studying such as after studying for one hour or when you feel you need a break for 5 – 10 minutes.

  • Have coffee/tea/hot water. I prefer drinking hot water which is healthiest.
  • Listen to mild music or instrumental music.

After the break period come back to your books, remember breaks should strengthen your mind to learn!

4. Exercise:

Proper exercise is the need of human body for active days. Do some physical exercise in the morning and evening at end for 10 minutes relax you body mind, which helps you to improve your body and mind.

5. Things to do:

  1. Study loudly.
  2. Do not have heavy meal before study-time.
  3. Avoid studying difficult subjects in the night.
  4. Go to bed early and rise early in the morning. Sleep for 7 hours.

If there is no eye-sight problems then you should seriously need to improve your study habits to study for long hours without falling asleep while studying.

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  1. Also very good tips for anybody with a job where long hours at a desk, computer, or other type workstation is involved. The drain on the brain doesn’t end when school, and studies are over. Hot water as a refreshment?? You’re kidding me. Yuk. At least make it into tea, or soup. 🙂

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