Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?

One of the common question asked by students is “Why I’m not able to score good marks? I have worked very good for the last exam but I did not score well. Why?” Here is the answer to it.

Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?

In every problem before going to find the solution one should understand the problem deeply in order to get the fine solution. It would be better to dip in to the question so that solution is a solution only not a problem again! First part of the question says “Why I’m not able to score good marks?”. What is a good marks? If you are getting nearly 70+ marks by understanding the concept and not by cramming, than scoring 90+ without actually understanding the concept and its applications. Education is not just about topping the exam.

These days educational system has changed its prospective CCE- Continuous  Comprehensive Evaluation has been implemented. Student is being evaluated beyond the classroom too. Education is not just confined to the classroom activities, student is being evaluated totally even in playground. Education is overall development of the human being.

The second part of the question “I have worked very good for the last exam”. Sometime you need to work smarter, only working hard is not enough in the process of education. Start working smarter too for better result.

The last part of the question is “Why?” . None else can give better  answer to your for “why”. Look  within! Ask yourself why you haven’t reached your expectations! You knew it! There might be lack in preparation such as,

  • Last few days  of preparation  for exam: An academic is meant nearly for 10 months, studying just few days before the exam or  day before the exam or one night preparation might not work always!
  • Cramming: Cramming might result in Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering in exam.
  • Not focusing required amount of attention: Even if you are studying daily one has to pay total attention to studies.Mind used to get upset by various thoughts and words around us which results in lack of interest or lack attention. For more click here
  • Not studying every chapter.
  • Simply studying without knowing the weight-age of the chapters!

Simply  working hard or spending lots of time with books might not work great in result! Start working smarter. Here are the tips to start working smarter,

1. Understanding the concept:

WHY DO YOU FORGET ??? WHY ARE YOU UNABLE TO RECALL WHAT YOU HAVE STUDIED EARLIER IN THE EXAM HALL? One of the reason for forgetfulness is cramming. Cramming may not help all the time.

To over come from forgetfulness click here

2. Blue-Print:  

Every chapter has its own weight-age for the exam. Get the blue print and know the weight-age given to each chapter. You will come across total number of marks given to each chapter along with very short answers, short answers, essay type answers and long answers. Study according to it. By looking at the blue-print one can understand what happens by skipping chapters!

3. Class-notes:

Always remember your class-notes is the main and the first resource you have with you to prepare for the exam. Keep your up-to-date, neat and complete it regularly if missed out anything. Whenever instructor gives you some top tips write down it, so as a quick refer for future.

4. Old question papers:

Collect old question papers and try to solve it. Answering old question papers improves your skill of answering the questions along with it helps you to evaluate yourself.

5. Being selective:

In question papers we have objective and subjective questions, objective type question are easy to score more. Along with these there are few more questions allows you to score easily for example, if it is science exam you have diagrams in it, draw it neatly and label the parts, if it is social science then maps etc

An academic is meant for nearly 10 months, you cannot study 10 months portion in few days or within a month to score more. Working hard just few days or a month back for the exam cannot be considered as hard work! Be regular then call it as hard work! Even if you have the same question “Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?”, then click on the links below to improve your academic results…

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