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School v/s Stress!

High school is a schooling after primary school and before higher education. In elementary school there used to be much leisure hours, lots of free time and you were handled by teachers who always considered you as a child. Whereas in high school, you will never be considered as a child, you have be firm… Continue reading School v/s Stress!

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He knew the true value of Edu!

After lots of shopping at home town walking on the street with buddies is awesome feeling ever. In the same way we also shopped for hours, had some food at our favorite restaurant and we were about… Source: He knew the true value of Edu!

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Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong

Everyday we come across many things or events, every single event gives us different feelings such as joy, sorrow, love hate etc. These all together called emotions.The ability to understand one's own feeling or the ability to understand others feelings and differentiating between them irrespective of surrounding by considering the situation of the person tells… Continue reading Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong