Factor – F – BreathMath’s math glossary

Factor: A number that will divide into another number exactly. The factors of 6 are 1, 2 and 3.

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A quantity expressed as a sum of a series of terms i.e., an expression written as sum of its series of terms. For example x (3y + z)= 3xy + 3z . Here this 3xy + 3z is expansion of x (3y + z). Another example, (x + 3)(x +2) = x^2 + 2x +… Continue reading Expansion


Factorization – F – BreathMath’s math glossary

Factorization: The process of changing algebraic or numerical expressions from a sum of terms into a product i.e., 6 = 2 x 3


Equilateral triangle – E – BreathMath’s math glossary

Equilateral Triangle: A triangle whose sides are all the same length.


Empty set – E – BreathMath’s math glossary

Empty set: A set with no elements is called empty set. It is called null set and is denoted by {}


Discount – D – breathmath’s math glossary

Discount The difference between the issue price of a stock and its nominal value when the issue price is less than the nominal value.


Decagon – D – Breathmath’s Math Glossary

Decagon: A ten sided polygon is called Decagon.


Decimal – D – Breathmath’s Math Glossary

Decimal Definition: A fractional number less than one whole written with a decimal point or numbers written after the decimal point.


Denominator – D – Breathmath’s Math Glossary

Denominator: The denominator is the bottom number of a fraction. The denominator represents the total number of parts i.e.,  

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Diagonal – D – Breathamth’s Math Glossary

Diagonal: A line segment joining  two non-adjacent vertices of a polygon. Ex: A square has two diagonals.   Here in square ABCD, AC and BD are its diagonals.   Similarly, a hexagon has 3 diagonals.