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School v/s Stress!

High school is a schooling after primary school and before higher education. In elementary school there used to be much leisure hours, lots of free time and you were handled by teachers who always considered you as a child. Whereas in high school, you will never be considered as a child, you have be firm… Continue reading School v/s Stress!

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Most funniest thing ever!

Most funniest thing ever, when moral studies teacher asked me "in your mathematics class students ask real life applications or practicality of mathematical concepts, but when I teach them morals to apply real life, are they listening to me or are they applying in their life??"  Share your thoughts... 😀

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Classroom experiences are pretty awesome, they are unforgettable. I still remember my school days. Those interesting classes and I was one of them who rise hands first for the questions asked by the teacher in the classroom. This was the best relation I had between me and my teachers. Now I'm a mathematics teacher. I… Continue reading Clarifying!

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    Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering How to get good grades! Difference between education and graduation!  Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??  MY LONG TREK TO MATHEMATICAL PROWESS  Clarifying!  Better Focusing!  Most funniest thing ever!  Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong  What’s after “BREAKUP”?!  Managing Love & Studies!  Group Discussion  Proper Study Habits  School… Continue reading LEARNING