Divisibility tests – Playing with Numbers

If a number ends with any of the digits 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8, you immediately say the number is divisible by 2. Why? We write any such number a as a = 10k + r, where r is the remainder when divided by 10. Hence r is one of the numbers 0, 2,… Continue reading Divisibility tests – Playing with Numbers

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Mensuration – Class VIII

A solid occupies fixed amount of space. Solids occur in different shapes. Observe the following shapes. These shapes (cuboid, cube, triangular prism, cylinder, cone etc) are known as three dimensional objects. Surface area of cuboid- Mensuration  Lateral Surface area of cuboid = 2h(l + b) Total surface area of cuboid = 2(lb +bh + lh) Here… Continue reading Mensuration – Class VIII

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Quadrilaterals – Full Chapter – Class VIII

A closed figure having four sides formed by joining four points, no three of which are collinear, in an order is called quadrilateral. For example: Quadrilateral is the union of four line segments that join four coplanar points; no three of which are collinear and each segment meet exactly two other lines, each at their… Continue reading Quadrilaterals – Full Chapter – Class VIII

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Construction of Triangles – Class VIII

Introduction to Construction of Triangles  there are six elements associated with it, namely, three  sides  and three angles. Do we need all of these to create a triangle? If we are known, it is well and good. In variety of practical situations, we may not know all these. If we know only two, we cannot construct … Continue reading Construction of Triangles – Class VIII

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Congruency of Triangles – Class VIII

Congruency is one of the fundamental concepts in geometry. This concept is used to classify the geometrical figures on the basis of their shapes. Two geometrical figures are said to be congruent, if they have same shape and size. For example: Two line segments are congruent if they have  same length. Two angles are congruent… Continue reading Congruency of Triangles – Class VIII

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Theorems on Triangles – Full chapter – Class VIII

A plane figure bounded by three non concurrent line segment in plane is called a TRIANGLE. Clearly, when we say a plane figure, we actually mean the linear figure, not the two dimensional figure. Let A, B, C are non linear points such that they are not on the same line; we say A, B,… Continue reading Theorems on Triangles – Full chapter – Class VIII

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Axioms, Postulates and Theorems – Class VIII

Axioms: There are certain elementary statements, which are self evident and which are accepted without any questions. These are called axioms. Axiom 1: Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to one another. For example: Draw a line segment AB of length 10cm. Draw a second line CD having length equal to… Continue reading Axioms, Postulates and Theorems – Class VIII