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Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??

A child is born illiterate but its education which makes him/her human being! Education is a process of humanizing. A big concept it is! It is not only imparted in an educational institution but education is the sum of total life experience. In formal meaning of education it is linked with SCHOOLING! Main process of… Continue reading Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??

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    Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering How to get good grades! Difference between education and graduation!  Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??  MY LONG TREK TO MATHEMATICAL PROWESS  Clarifying!  Better Focusing!  Most funniest thing ever!  Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong  What’s after “BREAKUP”?!  Managing Love & Studies!  Group Discussion  Proper Study Habits  School… Continue reading LEARNING